How to Choose the Right Pediatrician for your Child

By Neha Somani|4 - 5 mins read| March 22, 2023

Choosing the right Pediatrician for your child is no child’s play. When it comes to the well-being of your child, you will leave no stone unturned. You always try to give the best to your child and ensure that he is both safe and comfortable at all times. No wonder choosing the right Pediatrician for your child tops the priority list of parents even before the child is born. Read the article to know how to Choose the Right Pediatrician for your newborn.

As Adults, we only visit doctors when we are unwell or need any kind of medical attention. But it is totally different when it comes to kids. Pediatric assistance is needed immediately after the child is born to ensure if all is well with the baby and that it can survive on its own. Even when your baby is healthy, the Pediatrician schedules timely appointments to monitor their weight as well administer vaccinations. In between vaccinations, the doctor ensures that the child is exclusively breastfed for a certain amount of time, begins with nutritional solids after 6 month, develop immunity to fight off infections and helps parents prepare a diet regime for their child etc.

The Early Years of your child’s life are extremely crucial as they help in laying strong foundations of good physical, mental and emotional well-being of your child.

Apart from catering to the holistic development of your child, it is equally important that your Pediatrician is someone with whom you can develop a trustworthy and strong bond.


Guide to Choose Right Pediatrician for your Child

If you are expecting your bundle of joy anytime soon or are not-so-happy with your current Doc., this is how you can choose the ‘right’ Pediatrician for your child.

1. Dear Doctor

It is sometimes best to ask a Doctor. You can ask your GP or even your Gynecologist to recommend a good Pediatritrician. Make sure you let them know what you are looking for I your child’s Doctor so they will be able to guide you better.

2. Word of Mouth

We as Indians live in a collective society and often take the liberty to dispense advice to those around us irrespective of whether they want it or not. But honestly, when it comes to zeroing down upon a good doctor for your baby, this can be a very helpful tool. Of course, you shouldn’t be going to anybody and everybody for help. Ask only those whose judgement you can trust. You can speak to relatives, close friends who have kids, co-workers.

3. Experience of the Pediatrician

Of course, this is an indispensable factor, but it is equally important to ask yourself if you too are open enough to explore and let a comparatively younger Pediatrician work with your child. For a lot of parents, the parameter is ‘a grey beard Doc.’ But a lot of times it could happen that they follow an old school approach while a relatively young doctor might have a more pragmatic approach towards the child and the issues you go to them with.

4. Personality:

It may happen that the doctor you choose for your little one maybe one of the busiest doctors in the city but that should not translate into your child being treated as just another patient just because there is a long line waiting outside. Going to the doctor is a scary experience for kids as they mentally associate pain with doctor visits. Hence it is imperative that the doctor exudes warmth, love and sensitivity towards the child.

5. Open Minded and Non-judgemental

It is extremely important that your Pediatrician is totally non-judgmental about your Parenting Choices, gives you both Sound and scientific advice. They should be able to hear you out patiently, attentively and intently and show empathy. For new parents especially first time parents, anxiety levels are pretty high and it will make a huge difference if your doctor is empathetic towards you is accommodating with your parenting styles.

For a dear friend, her experience with a Pediatrician she met was awful. Her family Pediatrician who she trusted and adored passed away due to old age. So she zeroed down upon another Doctor in the city who had years of experience. She planned to nurse her baby till at least two years and strongly believed in child-led weaning which is a school of thought and a lot of doctors recommend it too. When she shared the same with the new doctor she met. The doctor in turn gave her a long sermon. She respected that due to his qualification and experience, but when he started passing judgements about her thinking and said that it is a bad choice and that the baby will be spoilt, se stormed out of his office.

Bringing up a child is a physical, emotional, mental as well as a spiritual process. One wise decision will help you strengthen the bond with your child and make the journey smoother.

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