From Bookworms To Tech-Worms : Negative effects of Modern Gadgets

By Prabhdeep M|4 - 5 mins read| March 13, 2023

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein (Scientist)

A cluster of wise words once said by the geniuses of all times have unveiled its aftermath over this era. Technology has become so powerful and conventional today that it is assertively controlling every minute of our lives. No day goes by without exposing oneself to these overrated tech-devices. Every day we wake up and the first thing we look at is the flashing screens of our mobile phones. We wake up with an eagerness to see what’s new on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more of these social sites. Where on one side there is abundance of advantages whereas on the other side of the compass technology is adversely affecting the intellectual ability of the kids and adults of new age group. What are the effects of gadgets on children? Here are top 5 reasons how modern gadgets negatively impact children development? or simply Negative Effects of Modern Gadgets.

Today we perceive that toddlers, teens and adults have become so addicted to the gadgets that they prefer to sit and look at those fascinating screens than going out for a play. Despite visualising the transition of our kids subsequent to the technological inventions, we are still insensitive to this appalling reality. Let me enlighten you with a few detrimental facts of the rapidly growing use of tech-gadgets such as smartphones, ipads, tablets, social networking websites, video games, etc and how our kids are transmuting from Bookworms to Tech-worms! Know about the Negative Effects of Modern Gadgets!

1. Fascinating screens resulting in health hazards and obesity

Who doesn’t love some me time especially when you are a mom! We often tend to handover a Smartphone or a tablet to our kids when they are cranky or want to play with us, just to spare ourselves some relaxation. Lack of physical activity hinder their growth and may lead to health issues when they are older like obesity, laziness, thyroid, etc. Looking at screens for continuous period might weaken their eyesight too. Instead one should involve themselves in play, take their kids out to parks and focus on more physical activities.

2. Disconnected from the society:

Kids and adults are so involved with internet and social media sites that they disconnect themselves from the society. In a family gathering, you will find young kids sitting in a corner buried in their Smart phones. They are least interested in meeting new people and like to please themselves only. This attitude might effect their careers and social life in the long run. Parents must talk to their kids about their day occurrence and encourage them to be more social and involve them in their daily chores.

3. Exposure to harmful websites and information

Excessive use of internet might expose them to unethical information at an early age, where they might not look at the content the way it is. This can bring drastic change in their behaviour and lifestyle. They might indulge themselves in other immoral practices such as drinking, smoking, unsafe sexual activities, etc. We need to observe their behaviour and keep tracks on their internet surfing. Also, talking things out and passing information in the right way may also help them understand things well.

4. Damaged Brain Growth

Technology has accelerated the growth of brain development in children, which has resulted in stimulating many detrimental emotions and sensibility. This majorly affects their tendency to react to situations, decreased level of understanding, lack of attention, psychological issues, impaired learning, etc. Parents should try to involve their kids to other activities and encourage them to read books instead of letting them watch television and mobile phones.

5. Aggression

Kids are exposed to violent and sexual material via media and internet, which triggers destructive emotions and makes them more aggressive. Many violent video games and even reality shows impacts children’s behaviour. We must try to divert their interest in other beneficial activities.

There are many more effects of technology on children’s state of mind and thus their behaviour, which strongly reflects in their lifestyle later.

Technology is relatively important in this era and plays a substantial role in the child’s development process. We just need to keep ourselves receptive of the consequences of its excess usage and must put a limit to it, when required.

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