How to carry an infant properly? Best tips to carry an infant

By Sneha Pillai|3 - 4 mins read| April 09, 2024

Once you have a newborn, you might have a lot of questions about to take care of the little one in every aspect. Either you are a seasoned parent or the first-timer, you are always curious, concerned, and worried about how to carry an infant with the most intrinsic care. Holding your newborn would always make you feel foreign or a bit scary at first, even if you know how to pick up a baby.

Either a mother or a father, being a parent, it’s always essential to learn how to carry an infant properly. Indeed a child is the most precious and expensive possession for a parent. Therefore, you intend to carry every possible precaution in giving your infant parenting comfort. There are a variety of correct ways on how to pick up a baby or an infant from the snuggle hold to the face-to-face hold.

It is also a fact that holding an infant is not that much easy. Therefore, it is natural to feel nervous before giving it a try. Sometimes, a fear of slipping the baby comes in mind while sometimes you feel a little worried if your holding would hurt your baby’s fragile body. But make sure that before you make a hold on your little one, you always need not panic and keep a confident and calm attitude.

Here we are sharing a step-by-step guide to ease your concern on how to hold your infant.

Step 1. Wash your hands first

Ensure your hands are always clean before you decide to pick up your baby. The skin of the baby is very delicate and fragile due to which their skin cannot bear any little infected bacteria through your hands. Once you have a newborn or an infant, always keep a sanitizer around not for your self but guests also who wish to hold or cuddle your baby. It is mandatory for everyone who intends to carry the infant.

Step 2. Get yourself calm and comfortable

It happens most of the time that before trying to hold your baby, you get uncomfortable by the fear of slipping or hurting your infant. At such moments, instead of getting panic, always try to stay mentally as well as physically comfortable. It is one such beautiful moment for which you have faced and gone through many phases. Hence, stay in comfort and determined before holding your newborn.

Step 3. Provide a Support Always

Once you are ready to give a hold to your little one, it is very important to put a hand behind the baby to support the head and neck portion. At the time of birth, the baby’s head is the heaviest part of their body. Moreso, this portion is very delicate for which it always needs a supporting hold and attention. They need such support for about four months at least.

Step 4. Choose Your Right Position Always

When you try to lift your baby, first decide the right position where you wish to take the baby. Then place one hand under their head and another hand under their bottom. Then raise their body slowly towards your chest level. Once you support and lift the baby’s head and neck, the position to carry the baby is up to you. There are multiple ways of holding your infant where you and your baby both feel good. You can try all such positions and find which position makes both of you comfortable.

We hope you like these small tips. Just in case, if you’re undecided about choosing the name of your baby, read our blog on how to choose a baby name.

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