Parents: Here’s How you can survive long vacations with your toddlers

By Komal|3 - 4 mins read| February 20, 2024

Flying or driving long distances with small children can be tiring, but the benefits are incredible. For those who have raised families far from home, video calling is no substitute for relatives holding and playing with their children. Traveling can be an enlightening and eye-opening experience for children of all ages. New foods, experiences, and sights, not to mention quality time with family. 

However, traveling with children can be challenging. Unpredictable schedules, long luggage lists, and grumpy kids are just a few of the challenges you might encounter along the way. Norcross says the 4-year-old is a fun age because he’s starting to take an interest in the different sights around him. “They will enjoy exploring destinations,” she said. However, when planning your trip, make sure you allow enough free time for your kids to de-stress and recharge by visiting the hotel’s playground or pool. 

 Here are some tips to show that such trips are both feasible and, moreover, very special. 

 1. Set daily expectations 

 Set realistic goals for each day and make sure everyone in your vehicle is on top of the plan. The youngest kids may not be able to attend, but the older ones will help you know when the plans for the long day are, what to stop for fun, and what to prepare. 

 Much less “Are you still there?” When the kids know they won’t arrive until after dark, after dinner, or after her next three breaks at the motel. 

 2. Be realistic about travel time with children and toddlers 

 Traveling with children takes time at best. Toilet breaks, diaper changes, and tantrum break all add up to longer travel times than expected. Also, my kids are slow eaters and need to stretch their wobbly legs, so the lunch break is longer. 

 3. Consider renting a car 

 Consider renting a car for road trips. Do you want to fly to your first destination and then move on? Is your current car big enough for your family to spend a lot of time together comfortably? Does it have enough space for all the gear you plan to bring? If you rent a car Check rates on Discover Cars. We have a wide range of brands, no cancellation fees and very clear what is included in your rental. All part of the hassle-free experience. 

 4 . Plan breaks and bathroom breaks 

 We would like to plan a fun lunch break that everyone can look forward to. Instead of “8 hours to get to Washington, D.C.”, we can all talk about “3 hours to a fun lunch break on a carousel in Philadelphia” and “4 hours to a hotel”. Schedule a break approximately every two hours, depending on the age of your child. If we stop, everyone has to go to the bathroom! This will (most of the time) prevent you from getting back on the freeway and five minutes later saying, “Oh, oops, I have to go.” 

 5. Make a bag full of surprises 

 This is a secret storehouse of magical goodness that puts an end to whining and quarreling. See what you can find in Target’s Dollar Bin or Dollar Store. For small children, wrap everything in tissue paper. Toddlers only need a few minutes to unpack. 

When your car feels ill and you don’t have time to stop, grab a special surprise from your bag. 

In summary, the following tips will make it easier to survive long trips with young children. 1. Plan and pack your essentials. 2. Keep toddlers entertained with games, toys, and snacks. 3. Take regular breaks to stretch or go to the bathroom. 4. Use technology wisely for entertainment. 5. Be calm, patient, and accommodating to your child’s needs during the trip.

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