Quick and Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Your Kids

By Harita Patil|2 - 3 mins read| January 11, 2024


The crisp autumn breeze, the excitement for trick and treating and the opportunity to get creative with your costumes and decorations— Halloween is certainly a thrilling occasion for both young ones and adults. If you have a kid, what more could be better than keeping your child engaged in this Halloween spirit. And crafting is one such activity that will not only keep them entertained but also let them discover their inner creativity. Read below this article to find out five quick and easy halloween craft ideas for your kids.

5 Simple Halloween Crafts You Need To Try

Explore below some of the easiest craft ideas that your kids will love.

Spooky Paper Plate Masks

Turning paper plates into spooky masks is one of the easiest and fun ideas for kids. Simply get your child a few paper plates, markers, paint, glue, feathers and ask them to draw spooky faces on the plates and paint those with their favorite colors. Tie these spooky masks around their heads with a string. They are perfect to be used in Halloween parties and costume plays. 

Pumpkin Decoration

While carving pumpkin is a classic Halloween tradition, it can be a bit challenging for younger kids. In this case, you can let your child decorate a pumpkin with markers, stickers, paints, and other decorative items of their choice. Let your kids use their unique ideas and imagination to create colorful pumpkins. 

Creepy Crawly Spider Webs

Another fantastic idea is creating creepy spider webs where all you need are a few black colored pipe cleaners and white yarn. Help your child create the spider’s body and legs with the pipe cleaners and then create the web with the help of yarn by wrapping it around a piece of cardboard. Once the preparation is done, glue the web with the spider and your spooky decoration is completed. 

Halloween Handprint Art

Handprint art is certainly one of the most fantastic ways to create memorable decorations besides capturing your child’s growth. When it comes to Halloween, choose similar themed colors, such as orange, purple, black and let your kids dip their hands in the paint to unleash their limitless creativity. Handprint ghosts, bats and spiders are some of the few ideas that youd child could create on a paper. Once the paint dries, use a black marker to outline the spooky characters. 

Glowing Mason Jar Lanterns

You can ask your kids to transform the boring mason jars into crazy, eerie glowing lanterns. Simply paint the jars with Halloween-themed designs using acrylic paints and insert the string lights once the pattern is completely dry. 


Halloween is a perfect time for crafting with your kids and the above-mentioned ideas are a few quick and easy ways to spend quality time with your family while embracing the spirits of the season. 

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