Worrier To Warrior – Tip To Deal With Anxiety Issues In Children

By Prabhdeep M|4 - 5 mins read| March 13, 2023

Anxiety, an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness and stress, has become one of the most commonly found disorders in the world. Every person experiences one or the other type of anxious feeling at some point in their lives due to the cultural changes and social pressures. It is a mental illness that often leads to depression, if not treated timely. According to the researchers, anxiety has kicked in the highest percentage of behavioural struggles, mood-swings and attitude problems in children and teenagers. Even the most exemplary parent can sometimes pratfall into such repressive and complex situations. Apparently, this does not occur due to bad/wrongful parenting but by virtue of disruption from certain social and personal situations. We will answer questions like How to help your child overcome anxiety? and will be discussing some key points that can help you deal with anxiety issues in your children and convert them from a Worrier to Warrior.

According to ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), Anxiety disorder affects approx 25% of the children between 13 to 18 age group. Eventually, these kids are at higher risk of out coming with declining performances at schools. Here are some suggestions that parents can try to deal with anxiety issues of their kids.

7 Tips to Reduce Your Child Anxiety

Facing the fears

Fear is like living an illusion. We make up frightening stories in our mind correlating our past and future, which keeps us terrified until we actually face it. Avoiding any situation or person that they are afraid of, will work as a booster for their anxious mind and this will end up making it worse. Instead, we should let them face the situation and release their fearing chemicals. For once, this will help them touch-base with a feeling of courage and fortitude.

Being realistic

Sometimes kids are apprehensive of the false beliefs and take certain things for granted that might not be possible in real. If a kid says, he/she is sure that the teacher will threaten or criticize him on the very first day of his school; Instead of saying that nobody will say anything to him. You tell them that everyone suffers from such feeling and it takes time to adjust in beginning but as you settle, you will like it. This might give them a broader picture of what he is going to experience.

Highlight the Positives

Kids with anxious minds usually focus on the negative aspect of every situation and ignore the positives, which push them deep into their negative thoughts leading to depressions and self-criticism. Parents need to focus on the half-filled glass of water and not vice-versa, and encourage their kids to look at the broader view of the situations.

Let your child solve his problems

Every time you help your child solve his issues on his behalf, it deprives him of the chance to build self efficacy and analytics and thus making him more composed. Give your child a chance to deal with his problem, leave it on him to decide for it and let him face the consequences. It will help your child to identify solution and anticipate the reality.

Plan some relaxing activities

Don’t plan for things you think will be relaxing for your children rather recognise the activities that your child enjoys and feel joyful with. This will help them relax their jittery minds and give them chance to evolve and develop better.

Good Sleep hygiene

It is very substantial for kids to have a calm sleep and sleeping hours. Having a proper bedtime routine helps them transmute their minds into relaxed state and provide them peace.

Rewarding their bravery when necessary

If your child does something to defeat his fears, reward them with bunny hugs, appreciation and their favourite foods. However, rewarding them with expensive things like toys and gadgets will lead them to a greedy self. Be wise enough to offer choices to your kids and motivate them to outperform and beat their fears.

Parents need to divert the attention of their kids to all the “yes i can do it” things. Prepare them to be always willing to perform and embrace their skills with a binge to conquer.

Tell them such exemplary stories to calm their anxious and curious minds like- Walt Disney, one of the great geniuses of 20th century, was once told that he is not creative! What could be a better instance to boost their horses!

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