9 Tips To Throw A Pocket-Friendly Baby Shower

By Janhavi Desai|3 - 4 mins read| December 08, 2023

Need to throw a baby shower party on a budget? We’ve got your back!
Throwing a baby shower can be a very expensive affair if you let your imagination run away with you. All the cuteness and excitement associated with a pregnant momma-to-be can make the bills run up pretty high. If you’re looking to throw a fantastic baby shower on a budget, here’s a list of things you can save a great deal on. Also read 5 Baby Shower Ideas For First-Time Mothers

1. Venue of Baby Shower

Baby shower budgets can be divided into two equal parts: (i) venue charges and (ii) everything else. If you just host the party in your own or someone else’s house, your expenditure will be cut by nearly half. Depending on the season, you could even try throwing the party outdoors in someone’s beautiful garden.

2. Flowers

Flowers can get prohibitively expensive. You can cut baby shower cost by replacing them with paper bouquets and using minimal or no real flowers. Paper bouquets can be bought or hand-made with the help of YouTube to guide you along. Hand-made paper bouquets will add a personal touch to the whole affair without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Decorations

Much like flowers, party decorations for baby showers are fairly expensive, too. They’re also likely to be used very rarely or never again. So instead of buying them from a party decorations shop, you can call friends over and make them together. The session can double up as a chance to discuss surprises and gift ideas for the baby shower!  Explore DIY Baby Shower Decorations Ideas.

4. Invitations

In today’s day and age, it is not necessary to send printed invitation cards to all your guests. In fact, you’ll do mankind a favour by sending out e-invitations instead. You can use free baby shower invitation maker tools available online, customise them, and send them to your guests. Emailing will make more people respond and help you arrange for the right amount of refreshments at the baby shower.

5. Food

Organize the party at a suitable time so that it is between meal times. This will allow you to invest in a wide variety of starters and snacks instead of a full meal. If you have a baby shower theme idea in mind, you can have snacks that go with the theme, too.

6. Party Favours (Return Gifts)

Especially at events of great personal significance, hosts are expected to offer their guests tokens of gratitude for being there. For the baby shower you’re throwing, these can be innovative, home-made goodies like cookies or muffins. Pack them elegantly and you’re good to go!

7. Seating

Hiring furniture to seat people means having to hire tables to go with it, too. The arrangement can be expensive and quite messy to deal with while playing baby shower games. Ditch the traditional chairs for comfy mats and mattresses on the floor! Of course, though, you should first check with the mom-to-be if she’ll be comfortable with that. If not, you could add a sofa chair for her and mats for the guests!

8. Entertainment

Many baby shower parties feature live acts performing their arts to entertain the guests. This is completely unnecessary. You can compile a playlist of the mother-to-be’s favourite music and play it softly on a home stereo system. Throw in an audio clip of some people close to her as a surprise baby shower gift for her!

9. Baby Shower Games

You don’t need to bring in elaborate props and set ups to organize party games at the baby shower. Instead, install a baby clothes decoration station, a toy-making station and similar things that will produce items the mother-to-be can actually use for herself and her baby.

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