Why reading books is so important for your child?

By Priyanka A|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Growing up, most of us are resistant to reading books. Maybe we were so against it because we thought reading books is as same as studying. Being a child we would always find out ways to skip studying. Reading books are self made taboos for most children today, especially when there are a host of other things available to entertain yourselves. But in reality no matter how interesting any other activity might look like, reading is the best activity one can do in their spare time. Especially children!

Why is reading so important for children?

There are many reasons as to why reading should become a part of your child’s day to day routine. Read this article to know more about how reading regularly can benefit them and help them have an edge in this competitive world. You can also explore Books Every Parent Should Read to their Kids or Books For Kids To Read During Rainy Season.

7 Benefits of Reading

Read to know Why reading is important for babies and young children?

Increases Cognitive abilities

Reading from a very early age provides your child with an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and cognitive abilities. Research has shown that children who start reading from a very early age has better problem solving skills and abilities than children who do not acquire reading as a habit in childhood.

Builds Vocabulary

Reading regularly helps your child to build their vocabulary and helps them to know how and when to use them in the right context and meaning while communicating. Vocabulary is said to be the foundation of comprehension. Having a good vocabulary will help your child improve their interpretation skills and hence will be able to comprehend better. So go grab your child a dictionary to help them learn some new words.

Improves General Knowledge

Reading from a range of books will sharpen the young mind of your child. Next time you go out, pick out a book from different genre that your child prefers and let them explore their area of interest. Reading from different genres will not only help your child to have a strong foundation of general knowledge but will also help them have a good understanding of various basic concepts giving them an edge over their peers.

Increasing attention span/ concentration

Children are known to have short attention span. Nothing can keep a child attentive to one thing. Making reading a habit will take time but once done will help them increase their attention span and improve their concentration power. It will help them not only in studies but also in various activities.

Improved communication skills

Reading helps in increasing the communication skills of your child. Reading books regularly will help your child in communicating better. They will be able to express their feelings better and eventually can help you develop better relations with your children

Reducing stress

Reading regularly will divert your child’s mind from day to day activities and the fierce competition they face in school. It helps them to concentrate on something else. It helps in reducing the stress they face at school and other places.

Knowledgeable entertainment

Television and play station takes away the better part of your child’s productive hours. Time left after school hours are more or less spent on TV and mobiles phones playing games. With outdoor activities become a rare activity for your child, Reading will be the best alternative if your child prefers to be indoor.

So, go to the nearest bookshop or library and get your child a book to read from their area of interest and let the magic begin.

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