A Quick Guide for First Time Parents

By Sneha Pillai|3 - 4 mins read| March 22, 2023

The parents go through a lot of emotional and physical upheaval when a child is born. Their entire world becomes topsy turvy. Suddenly, they become responsible for a helpless little baby who is totally dependent on them for everything. It is a scary situation, when you are first time parents. The feeling is overwhelming. But, there are some easy ways to create a guide for first time parents that will keep you in control.

Get help after your delivery

It might be a good idea to get help just after the baby is born. First time parents are often at a loss. They might have read umpteen books and heard tons of advice about how to handle the baby, but it is natural to feel a little disoriented. The first few weeks after the delivery can be mind sapping and exhausting.

The mother has gone through a huge physical and mental trauma during the delivery. She needs someone to take care of her while helping her learn how to take care of a small infant. Family support is highly recommended at this delicate juncture of your life. If you are not lucky enough to have your loved ones close, opt for a nurse. In-home help for a few weeks may make a huge difference in how you recuperate and handle motherhood.

Tips for first time parents

New mothers can find motherhood challenging to say the least. Some small tips to keep your baby safe may be helpful.

  • It is important that your baby is not exposed to too many germs. It is imperative that you wash your hands or use a sanitizer that is safe for the baby’s skin every time you touch the baby. It is not a good idea to let too many people handle the baby as there is a risk of infection. This simple precaution can prevent a lot of issues.
  • Do remember to hold the baby’s head securely. The neck is too vulnerable to support the head initially. Always cradle the baby to avoid accidents. This move will make many of your fears disappear.  Related: How to carry an infant properly? Best tips to carry an infant
  • A new born can sustain injuries when shaken. If you want to wake your child up, tickle her but never shake a child or let others shake even in fun. It can turn fatal too.
  • A new born is very delicate. it is important that you do not jiggle or bounce her too much. The rough play can come when she can hold her head up.

Bonding with the baby in the early months

This part of parenthood is perhaps the best part of the entire experience. The bond that you can share with your little one can be the most precious thing in the world. Mothers can be a natural at this when they breast feed the baby. The skin to skin touch is the best way to form this bond. If you are not breast feeding your angel, both parents can get a chance to hold the baby close while feeding her. RelatedHow Dads Can Help With Baby’ Development? Tips for Dad to Bond with Newborn

Hold her close and stroke her gently while talking to her in a soothing voice. This contact can help you form lasting bonds for a lifetime. The baby’s emotional growth is stronger when the bond is stronger and she will grow up to be a happy and secure child.

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