Seven Monsoon Essentials For Kids

By Janhavi Desai|2 - 3 mins read| March 24, 2023

Getting Together The Basics To Protect Your Kids From The Rain. When the rainy season begins in earnest, it’s impossible to get by without proper protective gear. Getting drenched in the rain on the way to school will leave your kid cold and wet throughout the day and give them a cough, cold and fever. Here are seven monsoon essentials for kids to help you prevent that from happening!

Fancy Printed Umbrellas

It’s no secret that children enjoy the rains, especially getting wet in the rain. However, if you get them umbrellas they love to show off, they are much likelier to use them! Grab yourself some fine umbrellas with their favourite cartoon characters and leave the rest to your kids.

Comfortable Raincoats

Most children hate wearing raincoats because they’re uncomfortable in one way or another. The elastic is too tight, the drawstring is too slippery, the buttons keep coming undone… There’s a laundry list of excuses kids will make to not wear raincoats. Make sure they enjoy wearing the ones you buy them!


Monsoon footwear is fairly tricky to pick in spite of all the available options. Check to see if your child prefers velcro strapped floaters over slip-on sandals and vice versa. Take their preferences into account. Remember not to buy closed footwear that will retain water or flip-flops that can cause your child to slip and fall.


Even with the best rain protection gear, children are bound to get water on their bodies. Sometimes, They may have to deal with other children’s wet rainwear and umbrellas, too. Children could use towels to wipe rainwater off their bags, the insides of their raincoats, or even their seats before they sit.


It might seem like overkill to have your child carrying around sanitizers but this is a great idea for the rainy season. Monsoon is a great time for diseases to spread via all mediums. It’s possible that your children may wash their hands with unclean water, too. Tie-on hand sanitizers attached to their bags are definitely in the list of monsoon essentials for kids.


Temperatures dip dramatically during the monsoon in most parts of the country. Even indoors, it tends to get quite cold in some parts, making jackets a monsoon essential for kids and adults alike. Make sure your child has access to a warm jacket or sweater while they’re indoors.

Waterproof Carry Bags

Sometimes waterproof bags are more useful to keep excess water in them rather than to keep it out. For example, if your child doesn’t need to wear his or her raincoat on the way back from school, they can fold and put it into the carry bag and put that into their school bags. This is not necessarily a monsoon essential item but it sure is convenient to have handy.

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