Parenting Solo: Tips for Single Parents

By Samrat Saxena|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2024

Did you know that around 6.8 percent of children live in single-parent households globally? When it comes to gender-based reports, there are more women than men who are single parents. Single parenting can be overwhelming, regardless of whether you’re a mother or father. From preparing breakfast for your kids to picking them up from daycare, simultaneously balancing work and other responsibilities can be tiring. And of course, no holidays from your responsibilities!

Whether due to divorce, separation, or loss of a partner, most single parents play the most crucial part in their kids’ lives. While the hardships cannot be denied, with some tips and strategies, your journey into single parenthood can certainly be made easier. Read below this article to find out six single-parenting tips every single parent must know.

6 Must-Know Single Parenting Tips

From building a strong emotional connection to celebrating little moments, here are some of the most helpful single parenting tips you must know about.

Talk openly with your kids

It is important to openly talk about every circumstance in the family. Take out time for your kids and give them the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions. Moreover, focus on creating an environment at home where your kids feel safe and comfortable whenever they share their concerns.

Seek Support

Most single parents try to single-handedly face every challenge. However, it is not the right way. There may be instances when it is best to seek support from your close friends or family members. You can even socialise and be a part of a single-parent community where you can find people facing similar challenges as you. When it comes to financial support, you can explore various government assistance and child support programs.

Stay positive

Studies have consistently shown that the mood of parents can greatly affect their kids. Thus, it is important to develop emotional resilience in yourself. However, it is equally necessary to teach your kids that feelings of anger, sadness, or resentment are normal, besides assuring them that facing every challenge with patience would be worthwhile. As parents, focus more on staying positive even during times of hardship, and encourage your kids by praising them for every little effort they put in.

Celebrate and cherish every moment

Celebrating and cherishing every little moment is the key to happiness during your single parenthood journey. Amidst the daily hectic routine, it is important to create lasting memories and cherish the precious moments together. This will result in a deep emotional connection between you and your kids for a lifetime.

Set aside time for your kids

With their busy schedules, most single parents forget to spend quality time with their kids. However, this should not be the case. For example, you can maintain a daily routine of having breakfast and dinner together or reading them a story at night.

In this hustle, do not forget to make time for yourself. Focus on grooming yourself; take time to exercise, go for a morning walk, eat healthy, or follow your passion.

Establish a daily routine.

Last but not least, establish a daily routine, setting aside time for meals, other household stuff, and time for relaxation. Following your routine consistently will not only be beneficial for you but will also set an example for your kids to seek self-discipline and consistency in their lifestyle.


Single parenting is tough. However, with love and dedication, you can shape your kids into compassionate and responsible individuals. From taking care of yourself to cherishing every little moment you spend with your kids, certain parenting approaches and lifestyle adjustments can make single parenthood a cheerful journey.

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