Avoid Your Kid’s Sweet Tooth! Here’s How

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| October 10, 2023

The devil is in the sweetness. The fact that sugar is your health’s enemy is no longer a secret. But sweets are deceiving as they are one of the tastiest food, and not only kids but adults crave them like crazy. According to research, children from the age of 2 to 19 intake nearly about 17 teaspoons of added sugar in their everyday diet. If you are worried about your kid’s health and want to cut their sugar cravings, the following tips will help you a long way. 

Focus On The Breakfast 

As life gets busy with kids and the work you have to souffle to pay the bills, often parents opt for market-bought cereals, flavored yogurt, flavored milk or fruit juices. But did you know these easy-to-go breakfast items have a ton of sugar loaded in them? 

Making a few changes in the first meal of the day will make a lot to cut the sugar intake in your kids. Instead of this sugary food, opt for fresh fruits to help them satisfy their sweet tooth. If your kids do not like the idea of having fruit, let them devour a freshly made bowl of smoothies. 

Always Read The Labels

If you see the ingredient list of the food you are buying has four gms of sugar or more, remember that every four gms equals one teaspoon. Also, if you see the terms like sucrose, fructose, stevia, etc., avoid that food. 

Sugar or a substitute for it will not help your kid to tame the sweet tooth. They are also not well-evaluated in kids, according to studies. 

Restrict The Beverages 

Do not let your kids get into the habit of having sugary drinks. These drinks are a monster in disguise and will harm your kid’s health more than you can imagine. 

Let them have only water as the main beverage. You can also give them the liberty to have homemade fruit juices. 

Do Not Reward Them With Sweets

Parents make the mistake of taking their kids on an ice cream date as a reward for good behavior, a win in the sports field or classroom. Parents also seem to ask their kids to behave or get work done in exchange for a sweet treat. This might seem to be working perfectly splendidly initially, but it is not long enough that you will see a hint of adamancy in your kid’s behavior if you fail to bribe them. 

Find A Balance 

Restricting your child from sugar will be like stealing a part of their childhood. The key is finding a perfect equilibrium. Every once in a while, taking your kids out for a sweet treat will not hurt. But do not make it a daily habit. 

You can indulge your kids in baking or fun activity once in a while and let them enjoy the joy of sugar. But when questions arise about daily food habits, be conscious of what you are serving your kid. 

Wrapping Up!

Keeping a check on your kid’s sweet tooth is definitely challenging. However, this guide lists some of the most effective tips you can follow to ensure your little ones’ good health. 

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