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Urhobo names are formed based on the circumstances surrounding the birth of the child, the family’s history, and the child’s gender. The Urhobo people believe that the name given to a child is a reflection of the child’s destiny and character.

Urhobo names are usually composed of two or three parts. The first part of the name is usually a prefix that indicates the child’s gender. For example, the prefix “Oghene” is used for boys, while “Ovie” is used for girls. 

The second part of the name is usually a word that describes the circumstances surrounding the child’s birth or the family’s history. For example, the name “Oghenekevwe” means “God created this one”. The third part of the name is usually a suffix that indicates the child’s birth order. For example, the suffix “re” is used for the first child, while “ovwore” is used for the second child.

Urhobo names are unique and often have deep meanings. They reflect the culture, traditions, and beliefs of the Urhobo people

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Great novel Triumph, prove superior of the contest

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